CARALL Omnibus Rich Magnolia Car Air Freshener

·         Product Name: Omnibus Rich Magnolia

·         Brand: Carall

·         Model:3246

·         Package Dimensions: 7.8 x 7.8 x 14.2 Centimeters

·         Type: Liquid

·         Manufacturer: Carall

·         Country: Japan


·         Sophisticated and attractive scent with a premium feel.

·         Carefully selected high-quality scents suitable for luxury cars.

·         Large-capacity type with a long-lasting scent.

·         A high-class fragrance with a strong presence.

·         Can be easily placed in the car cup holder/dashboard.


A gem expressed in design in pursuit of the finest fragrance

"Omnibus" is the finest fragrance that is a collection of individually completed items. As the etymology suggests, the scent with the theme of "for all" wraps you in a genuine way.

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Brand : SK ZIC Featured : Yes Category : Car Perfume
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Brand SK ZIC

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