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HNSmart (hnsmartbd.com) is a concern of Techno Mole Creations Ltd, It is an e-commerce platform, committed to ensuring "Premium Online Shopping Experience". HNSMart looks forward to providing customers with quality experience by partnering only with renowned and trusted global and domestic brands. 

HNSMart is looking forward to providing customers with the brand assurance and other facilities like fair deals (promotional deals) an along with authentic products from the manufacturer and authorized distributors. HNSMart is ensuring on-time delivery of products all over Bangladesh, so without any hassle our customer is able to buy quality products with ease along with express delivery. Through this premium service, we are able to build consumer trust in HNSMart. Furthermore, HNSMart ensures the best customer experience through our professional customer service and query management team.

Nowadays, business is transforming from offline to online, HNSmart help merchants with better and premium business experience by providing them an online store in our marketplace. Merchants are able to promote its brand through branding and co-branding through our website, social media, and other offline/online platforms. We are hopeful that HNSMart is able to achieve its goal and build a hassle-free largest e-commerce platform in Bangladesh so that customers can have a happy and quality shopping experience. HNSMart ensures doorstep delivery of the merchant’s original product to its customers. HNSMart value its customer and customers value its merchant through their feedback. In this way, HNSMart ensures a trusted marketplace for both its merchant and customer.

HNSMart is the latest inclusion of HNS Group, which is one of the fastest-growing business conglomerates in Bangladesh. Since the inception of the entity in Bangladesh, it has successfully established dynamic diversification around the commercial and industrial arena. HNS Group is the proud official partner of Hyundai commercial vehicle in Bangladesh along with Assembling & body building capacity of Hyundai Commercial Vehicles. Other than that, HNS is one of the renowned Japanese reconditioned car dealer in Bangladesh with significant volume of car sales in a year. Our trusted partner is ACT Co., Ltd. who is one of the oldest and leading exporters of used and new Japanese vehicles based in Tokyo since 1978. HNS Engineering & Services Ltd (Automobile workshop & service center) is a fully fledged for giving after sales service.

HNS group’s brand motto is:


HNS Corporation is the sole distributor of Hankook & Goodyear Tire and ZIC lubricant from SK Group, S. Korea. HNS group has also stepped into the ICT industry with Tecno Mole Creations (TMC) for serving country’s biggest problem with collaboration of foreign partners.

Tires & Lubricants:

Techno Mole Creations Ltd is a trading house that has been established in the year 1996. Besides importing vehicles from Japan, we do import other different items time to time, such as consumer goods, raw materials, garments, petrochemicals, etc. We do indenting business in the name of Techno Mole Creations. For last few years we are importing HANKOOK Tire and SK ZIC Lubricants from South Korea.

Trade License:

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