ZIC X5000 (Synthetic) 15W-40 (HDDO) (5L) | Korea’s No.1 Brand | 100% Imported Motor Oil

  • Product Type: Lubricant and Solvents
  • Brand: ZIC
  • Pack Size: 5L
  • 100% Imported Motor Oil
  • Korea's No. 1 Brand

Product Description: ZIC X5000 15W-40 (Synthetic)

ZIC X5000 15W-40/CH-4 ZIC X5000 15W-40/CH-4 is a multi-purpose premium quality multi-grade engine oil of API CH-4/SJ performance, designed to provide excellent oxidation stability and engine protection. General Characteristics • ZIC X5000 15W-40/CH-4 protects oil thickening caused by soot buildup, reduces engine deposits, and provides optimum bearing protection, resulting in increasing the life expectancy of your engine. • ZIC X5000 15W-40/CH-4 is suitable for heavy duty diesel engines (including turbocharged) in both on/off highway applications. Recommendations / Specifications • API CH-4/SJ. • Meets the latest engine oil specifications for major diesel engine manufacturers.


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Brand : SK ZIC Featured : Yes Category : Lubricant
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Brand SK ZIC

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