ZIC Racing Ow-40 (Synthetic) (MCO) (1L) | Korea’s No.1 Brand | 100% Imported Motor Oil

  • Product Type: Lubricant and Solvents
  • Brand: ZIC
  • Pack Size: 1L
  • 100% Imported Motor oil
  • Korea's No.1 Brand

Product Description: SK ZIC Racing 0W-40 (Synthetic)

SK ZIC Racing 0W-40 is a PAO (Group IV) and alklyated naphthalene (Group V) based 100% synthetic engine oil designed for high performance racing engines. SK ZIC Racing 0W-40 perfectly protects your engine under extreme driving conditions and motorsports applications. SK ZIC Racing 0W-40 provides 100% engine performance and protection for both racing and daily driving applications • General Characteristics - Group IV and Group V based 100% synthetic engine oil - Outstanding engine protection - Recommended for high performance engines and motorsports applications • Recommendations - Recommended for Gasoline/Diesel engines and high-performance engines.


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Brand : SK ZIC Featured : Yes Category : Lubricant
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Brand SK ZIC

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