Mazda CX-3 XD-Touring Safety-Cruise pkg

Model: Mazda CX-3 XD-Touring Safety-Cruise pkg
Chassis Number: DK5FW-119577
Year of Manufacture: 2015
Mileage: 42,287 kilometers
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior Color: Wine

Wine Color, AT, Diesel, 2WD, Dual Air Bag, ABS, Push Start, Advanced key, All Power With Retract, Digital Mileage, Rain Shede & Mats, Fog Light, LED Head Light(Original), Half Leather Seats, Leather Steering =Audio & Cruise Control, Wrinkle Mirror, Mud-guard, Driving-recorder, Head-up-display-board(Auto), Safety-Cruise pkg(Option, BSM,SCBS,HBC,MRCC,LAS,SBS), Interior Black/Wine Color, Maker TV/CD/DVD, Bluetooth, Back Camera, 18 (Original)‘’ Alloy & Tire.